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Boost Your Content

Boosting your social media posts is a marketing tactic that can exponentially increase the amount of people that see your content. The concept is simple: pay to have your posts show up as sponsored content on non-followers’ timelines in order to gain more exposure.

Mobilise the Time of Using Social Media


Before you boost a post, it’s important to make sure it’s worth boosting. First, you want your post to have a clear call to action. Boosts are great when a fundraising link is included in your content. If you’re just sharing photos of an event, the only thing a promotion would do is bring more people to your social media profile, which is great, but probably not worth spending money on. The real goal is to draw people to your website.

The next step is to focus on real people doing real things. In fact, Facebook doesn’t even allow you to promote text-heavy posts, since it knows they won’t perform well. So, make sure your post includes an emotion-provoking picture that will catch your audience’s eye as they scroll down their timeline.

Finally, you should only promote content that’s already doing well. So, if you notice you’re getting a lot of interaction on a post with a high-quality photo and specific call to action, what are you waiting for? Boost it!

When it comes to boosting a post on social media, I’ve seen agencies make many mistakes. One of the most common ones is to put an action button on the posts.

Target audiences would vary from marketing agency to marketing agency. For some it could be customers who are restaurant owners, while for others it could be roofers. Whoever it might be, it is imperative that agencies lock down their lighthouse client before they get in the boosting game.

Boosting Posts and Videos


For agencies looking to solve their lead generation problem, social media is a goldmine. Not only does it provide you with the freedom to post whenever and whatever you want, but it also provides you with the luxury to boost your posts in a bid to reach your desired target audience.

One of the key things that agencies can do, when it comes to posting videos on social media, is to repurpose the same piece of content and cross-post it on multiple channels at the same time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which social media platforms should my brand be present on?

First things first, there’s no doubt that your business should be on social media, regardless of the industry. The purpose behind having a social media presence, however, may differ from one company to another. As a brand, you need to know where your audience is and start from there. Conveying messages to the wrong crowd will end up in a lot of dissatisfaction for all involved parties.

Bear in mind that some channels are focused on B2B, while others take a B2C approach. The decision depends on the product or service that you’re providing, as well as on your audience.

With that out of the way, the bare minimum includes an account on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The first two are meant for more light-hearted B2C updates, while the latter is mostly used for HR initiatives and B2B relationships. From here on, you can expand to Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google+, or others, depending on who you want to approach and with what purpose.

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Boost Your Content